Newly Reopened Mariposa Grove Hike Review: Juuussst Right

With only one full day in Yosemite to celebrate my birthday and Father’s Day, my husband, son and I poured over the pages of my hiking guide as we enjoyed a delicious dinner (best portobello mushroom entrée EVER) at the Mountain Room in the Yosemite Valley Lodge. Thom’s first pick, Cloud Rest, was too high […]

Ischia, Italy: Pamper, Explore, Repeat

Tell people that you’re heading to Ischia and they’re likely to scratch their heads. It’s the bigger but lesser known island off the Gulf of Naples, located just in front of the ankle of Italy’s boot. But Ischia meets my travel criteria: decent value, rich history, distinctive culture, satisfying cuisine and natural beauty. Is it […]

Of Castles and Minstrels

Twentieth in a series September 2, Ribeauvillé and Hunawihr — Before dropping us in Ribeauvillé for a hike, Laura took us by the fortified church of Hunawihr. Hunawihr, like most of the towns on the Alsatian route des vins, is nestled between two low hillsides. Towns developed around the creeks that ran through the tiny valleys. […]