Review: Two Rooms Grill | Bar Tokyo

Courtesy Two Rooms website

[22nd in a series of recent posts about Japan]

Returning to the ANA Continental in Tokyo, we enjoyed an impromptu cocktail hour with the treats we acquired with the meal coupons provided by ANA when our flight was delayed. The reasonably priced half-bottle of Chilean cabernet sauvignon provided as part of the in-room bar was so tasty that we called “instant service” and – almost instantly – received another bottle. That was so tasty that we did it again.

To celebrate our trip – our last night as a threesome – we made a reservation with the concierge’s help at Two Rooms Grill | Bar in fashionable Aoyama, a 15 minute cab ride from the hotel. I gather that the name of the restaurant stems from the fact that it has an outside terrace dining area as well as a more formal dining room. Five floors up, it was a perfect night to sit on the fifth floor terrace overlooking the sparkling lights. Some sort of spire – a church or temple steeple – glowed, lit in white, below. Above us, the AO Building soared, decorated with blue linear lights. The half-Japanese, half-international crowd clearly enjoyed the restaurant, and the bar inside was a lively scene.

After a huge Caesar salad – served as whole leaves, lightly dressed, with loads of grated, toasted parmesan – we tucked into grilled Tsukuji fish, double veal chops and in Todd’s case, a chicken wrap, which was available as part of the bar bites menu. Perfect meal, perfect setting, perfect company.

Again, we were struck at the affordability of good restaurants in Tokyo – a big change from our last visit in 1998. Dinner, including a bottle of mid-priced wine, ran around $45 per person.

Two Rooms

5th floor AO Bldg, 3-11-7 Kita-Aoyama


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