Japan Trip Report Compendium

Taeno-Yu Onsen baths

I may have one or two blog posts left in me about Japan – what I liked and what I wasn’t so crazy about — but to make life easy, here’s an overview of all of the posts about our awesome trip in July 2013:

1.  Japan Trip Report: Omotenashi with a Smile

2.  The Happiest Place… in Japan

3.  Idyllic Train Ride on the West Coast of Japan

4.  Following in the Steps of Basho to Dewa-Senzan

5.  Mountains, Poetry and Wanderlust

6.  Hiking Haguro-San: What World Could Be Brought Into Being?

7. Washed Out Hike: Shikata Ga Nai

8. Our Brush with Hollywood, in Tsuruoka

9. Role Reversal: Relying on Our Son

10. A Haiku for Dad

11. Stepping Back to the Time of the Samurais in Kakunodate

12. A Mountain Onsen in Japan

13. Lonely Mountain Trails in Japan

14. How to Take an Onsen Bath in Japan

15. The World’s Longest Underground Railway Tunnel

16. In Search of the Ainu

17. Seeing Studio Ghibli’s “The Wind is Rising”

18. Beer and More Beer in Sapporo

19. Sculpture or Park? Moerenuma Park in Sapporo

20. A Night at the Sapporo Summer (Beer) Festival

21. Best Airline Service Ever! Thanks, ANA!

22. Review: Two Rooms Grill | Bar in Tokyo

23. Sunshine City: Chaotic Family Fun in Tokyo

24. Saying Sayonara in Makuhari


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