Haro on a Monday: Eat!

They know how to have a good time in Haro, but not on a Monday

They know how to have a good time in Haro, but not on a Monday

Eleventh in a series of posts about a trip to Barcelona, Bilbao, Rioja and Granada

On any day but Monday, Haro would have been charming. But on a Monday, everything but a few food stores (bread, bakeries) and a handful of bars and restaurants is locked up tight. Even the tourist office is closed on Monday.

Plaza de la Paz, Haro

The Plaza de la Paz, with a bandstand, is clearly the center of town. The town offices are located there, and some of the best restaurants are within a few blocks. I had made note of Terete, Beethoven and Las Dueles, but Terete was closed on Mondays. Beethoven turned out to be a great choice.

The menu del dia is a bargain just about anywhere. Collette’s shrimp in oil and garlic (gambas) was 13 Euros a la carte, whereas my five course meal including bread and wine (a bottle) was also 13 Euros.

Asparagus, once again, was white, and marinated rather than sautéed or grilled. The first course,“puerras,” turned out to be three fat white asparagus stalks. “Delgadillas,” the second course, was blood sausage. Next came a dish that smelled like liver. The waitress, who spoke little English, was obviously searching for the word. I pointed to my abdomen (signing my liver) and she nodded, yes, then she made the universal sound of sheep. Ah! Sheep liver! I chose fish (pescado) as my entree. The roughly 4 oz. portion was served in a tomato/pimento sauce. For “postre,” dessert, I received a tasty apple tart made of thinly sliced fruit on puff pastry. The wine was a crisp Rioja blanco: Seniorio de la Estrella – mostly likely made from Viura grapes. Nothing to do but siesta!

Lunch at Beethoven, Haro, Spain


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